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PCDC Introduces First-of-its-Kind Affordable Housing Model Home Concept

Photo credit: Mobile Chamber on LinkedIn

The Prosperity Community Development Council (PCDC) in partnership with BlackStar Companies LLC - Alabama Division, has released a new affordable housing model concept to the City of Prichard, marking the first time the organization has showcased to the public how to simplify, modernize, and equitably distribute critical housing concepts to communities facing the housing crisis, homeless veterans and seniors being preferential. This outline is a broader element of PCDC’s HUD’s newly published Economic Development Plan, which emphasizes both equity and resilience in disaster recovery, as well as the Biden-Harris Administration’s commitment to strengthening low-to-moderate income communities. At this time, homeless veterans and seniors have preferential treatment.

Since current housing has the potential damage of pest, mold, water, and fire -- we only want to solve a problem. PCDC knows that investing in equity and resilience presents us with an opportunity to meet our economic goals and build more stable, diverse, and inclusive communities with quality affordable homes for all.

The Model Home will be affordable, attainable housing that is energy efficient for veterans, seniors and homeless veterans.

Through crowd funding, partnered contributions, and community support, PCDC can provide critical support to communities that need it the most. Our organization looks to further prioritize the needs of people of modest means. Fortunately, the process of developing home modular concepts to build eight times faster than your traditional build, while producing necessary utility savings provides our community with a look into a fresh start at creating something truly special. It’s truly time housing needs become streamlined so that we make American dreams a reality again– while doubling down on our responsibility to ensure equitable outcomes.

But despite its importance, there is no regular annual appropriation for a large-scale housing

development to meet the unique needs of the community-at-large. PCDC’s action plan is

committed to advancing its goals by demonstrating this new building concept within the first

quarter of 2023, which requires the organization to continue to allocate resources, establish

strategic partnerships, and raise all funds for this six-figure project in a manner that addresses the historic success of traditional builds.



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